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Katy Brick and Mortar Repairs

We are proud of the Katy brickwork that we have performed over the past twenty years. We have worked on projects involving everything from minor crack repairs to complete historical preservations. Take a look at our portfolio of previous work and see the difference hiring a professional brick mason can make to your home.


Brick Cleaning

Years of pollution and grime accumulate on Katy brick homes. Restore the luster by hiring us for a professional brick cleaning.

Brick and Mortar Repairs

These before and after images illustrate how brick cracks and mortar issues can be repaired. Not only are the results visually appealing, repairing cracked brick and mortar promptly reduces the potential for more extensive damage later.

Paint Removal

Take a look at the beauty of freshly revealed bricks! Removing layers of paint from brickwork is a painstaking process that is well worth doing!

Brick Recoloring

Want a fresh look for your Katy brick home while allowing the brick to remain exposed? Need to color match a brick repair? Recoloring the bricks allows you to accomplish these tasks. We use breathable brick tints that will recolor the brick without damaging it.