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Brick water intrusion detection and repair

If your Katy brick building is showing its age or prematurely deteriorating, the process of brick repair may seem intimidating. You may wonder if you’ll need to rebuild from the ground up. You are most likely wondering how to go about restoring your brick or stone masonry and fearing the worst. Let us put your mind at ease with a free consultation. We will come to your property and survey the damage. Our brick professionals are experienced at determining the cause of the brick damage and recommending an appropriate course of action.

Each masonry project is unique with its own considerations. Yes, the damage may be extensive, but then again, it may not be as bad as you think. With over 20 years of Katy brick experience, we’ve been involved in brick repairs of all shapes, sizes, and scope. Contact us today to find out the extent of the damage and receive a free estimate for repairs.