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Katy Brick Cleaning

We offer a complete brick repair and restoration service to the entire community of Katy.

Brick Cleaning

No doubt, exposed brick is beautiful. However, its exposure lends itself to pitting, discoloration, and general deterioration. Years of accumulated grime and soot slowly transform the brick from its original color to a dark, mottled black. A professional cleaning removes the black patina, restoring the brickwork to its original clay color without causing further damage. In addition to cleaning bricks, we also clean natural stone surfaces. Whether you have a sooty river rock fireplace or the exterior slate work on your Katy home is covered with grime, our brick and stone cleaning service will restore the natural beauty of your brick and stone masonry.

Brick Repair

Cracked brick? Loose brick? Crumbling brick? Whether you have a single brick in need of repair or an entire section of your masonry, call the Katy brick experts! We carefully assess the damage and use appropriate repair techniques to ensure a durable, nearly undetectable repair. Bricks can be damaged by numerous factors including: poor original masonry techniques, mortar failure, natural weathering, water, deterioration, earthquakes, settling, foundation failures, stress, and impact accidents.

Brick Restoration and Preservation

Katy brick homes, especially older historic homes in the area, are prone to the effects of time and nature. Depending on the building’s historic value, restoration and preservation work may be needed whereas a newer home may benefit by a fresh installation using modern materials and techniques. We have worked closely with historical societies in determining the best approach for the structure. Many nuances are involved with restorations such as maintaining historical accuracy and preserving a building’s current state while also adhering to modern building codes. These jobs require expert masons who understand yesterday’s as well as today’s building standards.

Mortar Repair

It’s not uncommon for mortar to fail before the bricks do. Cracked mortar, missing mortar, and crumbling mortar can be repaired using a technique called repointing. Depending on the extent of the mortar failure, a small area may need to be repointed or the entire masonry section may need repointing. In either case, mixing an appropriate mortar is essential. The new mortar must have similar characteristics to the existing mortar as well as be appropriate for the stone and bricks.

Graffiti Removal

When vandals tag Katy brick buildings, they leave a difficult to remove mark behind. While some surfaces can be painted over after graffiti vandalism, brick buildings require paint removal and cleaning on both the brick as well as the mortar. We use cleaning and paint removal techniques designed to remove all traces of the graffiti without damaging the masonry beneath.

Paint Removal

Building styles come and go and it’s not unusual for us to be called in to remove layers of paint covering brick structures. If you want the timeless look of exposed brick, paint removal may be required. Removing paint from bricks is a tedious, painstaking process that must be carefully performed so as not to damage the bricks and mortar.

Brick Fireplaces and Chimney Repair

When it comes to brick fireplaces, problems are plentiful. Smoke damage, water damage, and brick failures are common. We can handle any issue you may have with a Katy brick fireplace including installing chimney caps to prevent water damage, relining chimneys, cleaning bricks, rebuilding crumbling fireplaces, repointing, and repairing leaning chimneys.

Brick Water Intrusion Detection and Repair

Brick buildings, when properly designed and in good condition, do a good job of keeping rainwater out. However, it’s not unusual for water intrude. Cracked bricks and mortar allow water a place to seep in and cause further damage as can leaking roofs and windows, unprotected chimneys, and bricks exposed to excessive water. Our team of brick and masonry professionals is well equipped to detect water intrusion and repair both the source of the water as well as the damaged masonry.

Brick Water Intrusion Detection and Repair

We also offer brick sealing treatments to repel water while still allowing the bricks to “breathe.”